Cost To Raise A House in NJ

Lbi Lifted Home

The costs to raise your home above base elevation can be budgeted anywhere from $30,000 to over $100,000.  This is a big range, because so many details are needed for a firm accurate pricing of this type of project.

NJ house Raising can provide a detailed proposal upon Architect and Engineering drawings.  We have a working relationship with NJ’s best Architect and Engineer. 

Many factors are required for firm pricing, which include, FEMA elevation and zone.  This will let us know what type of foundation is required.  For example a V zone requires pilings, so  a block foundation will not work in this situation.  To raise a NJ house on to pilings we need to be able to temporarily store your home out of the way to allow a crane to come in to pound in wood pilings.  If that is not possible due to space being limited, your home can still be raised, but the process get’s a little more complicated and costly.  In this case we would need to use helical piles in lieu of conventional wood pilings. 

Houses on a slab can create even a bigger challenge, as there are no floor joists in your home.  While it is still possible to raise a house on a slab, this can get very costly to raise this type of structure.  Sometimes the costs simply outweigh the benefit of trying to save your structure. 

Because NJ House Raising is a Division of Axis Builders, LLC we are also able to offer complete demolition as well as building new custom homes or even modular houses if that is the solution that is best for your situation.

Axis Builders does house raising, demolition and new construction in NJ, but specializes in the Jersey Shore areas of Ocean and Monmouth Counties, NJ