• NJ House Raising

    NJ House Raising a division of Axis Builders Serving the Jersey Shore from Mantaloking To LBI. Hurricane Sandy has changed the way we look at LBI and the Jersey Shore for ever.
  • Flood Damage

    Each year there is a 1% chance of another similar storm hitting the Jersey Coast. Do you want to take that chance? Raising your home greatly increases the likelihood of still having a house after the next big storm hits our area.
  • Prevention

    House-raising is very important in storm damage prevention and provides a major improvement to your living space. Axis Builders has the expertise in house-raising to help preserve the beautiful homes all along the Jersey Shore.
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"We RAISE the Value of your home"

Fema Advisory Flood Elevations

 fema Flood MapFEMA has created Advisory Base Flood Elevations (ABFEs) to show a more current picture of flood risk for several communities in New Jersey and New York affected by Hurricane Sandy. The known flood risk has changed since the last effective community Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) as a result of the disaster, recent development in coastal and floodplain areas, or the availability of more current data. The ABFE information and related layers shown on this map for certain communities in New Jersey and New York can serve as a guide to understanding current coastal flood hazard conditions and higher elevations that communities should build to in order to reduce impacts of future flood events.  A complete listing of layers is provided in the Map Contents section to the left.